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Preparing For Your Autistic Child To Return To The School Routine - 10 Expert Tips

Getting your kids back into the school routine again can be a very challenging period.

Learn Autism’s resident Early Years Special Educator and Play Therapist, Jennelle Olalo, is here to help you ease into your back to school routine.

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Reasons to Buy Locally & Support Local Businesses


Small businesses are the beating heart of local communities and they’ll only thrive with the community's support.

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Sensory Souk is cheaper than Amazon!

Short on weight allowance coming back after the summer? Don't panic...You can get all of your supplies with us!

Check out our comparisons with Amazon. Believe it or not...we're cheaper!

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Why Frogglez Swim Goggles?

Learning to swim is hard enough. Why add painful swim goggles that drown your eyes with water? Luckily, there is a solution. By far, the best kids swim goggles are here to save the day. Frogglez brings innovation, comfort, and confidence to the swimming pool. 

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The Importance of Play for Autistic Children

Play is everything, it’s building a wall with some plastic building bricks and in turn developing those important fine motor skills that help children learn how to write.

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Top 5 Activities To Keep Children Busy This Summer

Kids are home for the entire summer. Summer is a time for learning new things; therefore parents should make sure they continue teaching their kids various skills even when school isn’t in session!

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