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Fun Activities for Sports Day


Ready, Set, Go!

We have a great variety of fun, competitive and exciting activity ideas and products for Sports Day.

1. Incorporate a body sock/space explorer into a relay race course.  With two groups and two courses set up, start with a suitcase full of clothing/props, put it all on over your clothing, run through the course, take off the clothing/props, pack it back in the suitcase and run back to the starting line, passing the suitcase to a teammate. Use the body sock as you would a pillowcase or potato sack to race, run, or hop across the lawn.  

2. Balance ball Good balance is important for many activities and sports. Balance helps children climb stairs and walk on uneven surfaces, like grass or sand. Good balance will help develop confidence for jumping and leaping.

3. Have your child lay down flat on their belly across the scooter board and use their own hands to push themselves around on the floor. Avoid carpet, unless it’s very thin with a low pile. If you really want to strengthen your child’s core muscles, then having them sit on top and use just their feet to push themselves along a path is a great exercise.

4. Jumping rope is a great form of cardio for improving heart health. Jumping rope requires coordination between your feet, eyes, and hands. You need balance, rhythm, and agility as you complete repetitive movements. So it's a good way to sharpen those skills. 

5. Juggling leads to improved hand-eye coordination, bi-manual dexterity, focused concentration, goal-setting skills, problem solving skills, and delayed gratification.

6. Catching a ball. Catching is when children use only their hands to stop a ball that is thrown, bounced or rolled. Both skills require children to watch the ball as it moves and hand-eye coordination. Children also need strength and balance to trap and catch.

7. Punting. Encourage the child to practice balancing on one leg, with their kicking leg in the air in front of their body and their arms out to the sides. Then, have the child swing their leg backward and forward. Have the child hold a ball in both hands, drop it when the leg is back and kick it by swinging the leg forward.

8. Side Stepping. Encourage children to face forward and step to the right or left onto a variety of floor markers or sensory paths

9. Low Ball Catch. Stand facing the child, who is about three steps away. Gently toss a ball(any ball) to the child making sure the ball gets to the child at waist level or below. Encourage the child to catch the ball with fingers pointing down. 

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Sports Day Activities for families in Doha

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