Activities & Ideas for your Spinner Fidget 0

With the Spinner Fidget craze these days, they said it wouldn't last, but it surely has! And with the enthusiasm for the go-to gadget for the wiggles, some pretty clever folks have come up with fun new ways to use your fidget spinner!  We came across these activities and thought we'd share:

Fidget Spinner Art from Science Sparks

Fidget Spinners in the Classroom from

Design your own spinner fidget from Twinkl

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Oh, and if you're still looking for a spinner fidget of your own, we've still got a few in stock.


Happy spinning!

  • Raana Smith

Have you seen how easy it is to rent our products? 0

**This service is temporarily unavailable.**

We're pretty excited to offer a rental program (in Qatar only) for a few of our products!  You can try before you buy or decide it's not a right fit for you and that's just fine too. Either way, you know what works and doesn't work for your child, and knowledge is power!

  • Raana Smith

4 Things to do in Qatar for Autism Awareness Day 0

1.  Show you care--wear blue.  Blue is the color of autism awareness.

2.  Learn--Take a few minutes (1:57 to be exact) to learn about autism and what it feels like.  We've shared this quick video from on our blog

Video: Autism Explained for Kids 0


This is a very good, short explanation on what autism is and how it feels.

Open House @ Gymboree Music & Play | The Gate Mall 0

We're excited to be part of Gymboree Play & Music's Open House to celebrate Autism Awareness Day on April 2! Please brink your kids to play, have some snacks, and learn about Gymboree's new special needs classes for play, art, and music.

Autism Awareness Month Events in Doha, Qatar 0

With the help of some great friends and resources, we've put together a list of events & activities for Autism Awareness Month starting today.

Take a look and see when and where you can drop by to support, learn, and connect with the cause.