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Learning with Fraction Tower Cubes 0

Fraction Tower Cubes represent different fractions for instructive comparison. You can expand the possibilities of teaching fractions and equivalency with these proportionally sized cubes.

  • Raana Smith

Internship 2019: Phoenix Private School 1

Sensory Souk hosts its first SEN internship program with a great group of students from Phoenix Private School!

9 Eid Gift Ideas for Kids with Autism & Related Disorders 0

It’s that time of year again when autism parents and families in Qatar start to panic. What should I buy my kids for Eid this year and more importantly, where can I find them in Qatar?


Cause & Effect activity with marble fidgets 0

Thanks for the great marble fidget spinners from your store! I was able to use them to help my son progress in his understanding of the relationship between cause and effect.

We now offer Gift Vouchers! 0

We are pleased to offer gift vouchers at our Sensory Souk store!  Who are they great for? Well, how about...

-teacher gifts for the end of the school year

-birthday gifts for kids (and adults!) who loves slimes and putties

Autism Awareness Information Card | Free Printable! 1

To kick off this year's autism awareness month, we have a gift for you: a free printable autism awareness information card!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’d like a quick way to explain Autism to a stranger or an acquaintance?

  • Raana Smith