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Competition: Name the Squishable!

These little guys needs a name...can you help?!  The winners will get their very own Squishable Micro Avocado Toast or Micro Bagel AND be featured in one of our TikTok videos!

  • Raana Smith

Why It’s Important To Celebrate Special Education Day Today & Every Day

Here are four reasons why we need to celebrate National Special Education Day in honor of students, administration, and teachers who make special education classes possible for students with special needs.

Auditory Processing: What’s Sound Got to Do, Got to Do with Reading?

Have you ever had a student or child who needed classroom accommodations, such as additional time on tests or for teachers to speak more slowly? These modifications provide students with extra time to make sense of information, also known as processing time.

  • Raana Smith

How Fast ForWord Fills In Missing Literacy Skills in Autism: One Mom’s Story

Becoming a quick study of the non-existent parental handbook is no easy task. That’s amplified when you have a kiddo with special needs or learning differences/disabilities.

  • Raana Smith

6 Must-Haves In Your Child’s Sensory Break Box

Everybody needs a break sometimes—a sensory break. Whether you are overloaded from a long day at work, you just got off a commuter train, or it’s been a hard day at school, a sensory break can revive the senses and make you feel human again. For children with special needs, a sensory break can be a lifesaver, allowing them to function when their sensory system has been overloaded. 

  • Raana Smith

National Fragile X Awareness Day

Today is Fragile X Awareness Day! What is Fragile X Syndrome? It's a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, behavioral and learning challenges, and various physical characteristics. Click below to read more.