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A fun activity to help kids understand social distancing 0

Here is a great idea from the very creative Darcee on how to help kids understand social distancing. Thanks so much for sharing this great tip!

  • Raana Smith

5 ideas for an organized home school day 0

Is anyone else challenged with keeping your kids anchored, regulated and focused for online learning?! Raana shares a few tips that have helped in her house:

  • Raana Smith

Our online store is open! 0

Friends in Qatar: we’ve got your back! We know the show must go on and we are here to help! We’ve got great tools to keep kids occupied in a small space. From space explorer sacks to scooter boards, our time at home can be fun and screen-free.

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Postponed Events 0

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Free* Delivery in Qatar! 0


Looking for great products to support your child’s homeschooling without venturing out to busy malls?  We can help!

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Ride of Champions Accessible for All! 0

This year's Ride of Champions is accessible for all!

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