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Floreo Virtual Reality for Neurodiverse Learners


Practice in VR. Grow in Real Life.

The First Behavioral Therapy Metaverse with real world results

Floreo is a virtual reality platform for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, and other individuals who can benefit from experiencing social, behavioral, communication, and life skills scenarios in a safe environment.

A library of experiences designed by clinical experts

Hundreds of research-backed lessons and experiences are inside Floreo’s library. Each VR experience uses evidence-based strategies and is developed from close collaboration between clinicians, therapists, engineers and neurodiverse people.



For Families

Support growth and improvement that extends beyond the session

Learning doesn't have to stop when school or therapy ends. Floreo uses virtual reality to teach an array of social, communication, behavioral and life skills allowing neurodivergent Learners of all ages to practice and learn new skills no matter where they are. With Floreo's innovative approach to developing and practicing new skills, family members can feel empowered to play an active role in their child's development outside of school and therapy.

Learning in a safe place, and at their own pace.

Neurodiverse Learners and their families can take their time to work on difficult-to-teach skills like emotional regulation, interacting with peers, and more. Learners are presented with a safe place to practice and their families can follow along in co-pilot mode, providing encouragement and guidance throughout the experience.

For Classrooms

Immersive experiences designed for neurodiverse learning

Floreo is a virtual reality tool for teaching social, communication, emotional regulation, and independent living skills in a classroom or remote learning setting. Research-backed and clinically-informed, Floreo learning experiences are designed to empower educators with an engaging and fun way to develop confidence and promote growth for special education students.

More fun, more effective skills-building

Using virtual reality, teachers can engage students like never before. Floreo’s enriching experiences build confidence and teach real world skills. Whether students are in the classroom or learning remotely, Floreo's immersive environments allow for the practice of important skills in ways that are fun, safe, and easily repeatable.

Floreo's lessons are designed to transport students to new environments like city landscapes to practice crossing the street safely or calming caves with glistening crystals to enhance emotional regulation.


For Providers

Research-based VR therapy with real world results.

Floreo provides organizations of all sizes and multi-location practices with an innovative therapy modality that helps neurodivergent individuals develop and improve a broad range of meaningful skills. Immersive, research-based VR lessons enable therapists to provide customized, flexible treatment options to best support their clients and Learners to practice complex skills safely and flexibly at their own pace.

Telehealth-ready. Remote-learning friendly.

Using evidence based strategies, Floreo is a therapy tool that enables the development of important communication, social, emotional, and life skills. In-person or via Teletherapy, Floreo’s growing library of clinician-designed lessons gives providers an immersive world of engaging learning that can be customized to best serve individual client goals.

Contact us:

Floreo is available in Qatar exclusively at Sensory Souk. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a demo: +974 4411-0147, +974 5512-3374.

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  • Raana Smith