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Tangle Fidgets: What are they and how can they help?


Tangles are a fidget toy collectors' dream! So many trendy colors and textures to choose from!

Tangle fidget is an ergonomic approach to hand therapy, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, building fine motor skills, and much more. Soft, texturized rubber bumps on this Tangle provide a one-of-a-kind sensory and tactile experience in your hands. The motion is calming and fun!

The ability to fidget to focus is amazing! Research has shown that fidgeting quietly during stressful times can lead soothed nerves and anxiety, more body control, focus, and improved rehabilitation. Educators everywhere use Tangles in their classrooms to aid reading and math comprehension and to keep restless minds and hands to keep focused.

We have many of these items in stock, learn more about tangle fidgets and treat your child to a new present at a great price.

1. Tangle Jr. Glow-in-the Dark Fidget: 28 QAR each

Fidget with Tangles in the dark! Glow in the Dark Tangles radiate light! Twist and turn it, you'll be amazed at how fun fidgeting with glowing Tangles can be! Collect them all!

2. Tangle Jr. Gem Fidget: 28 QAR each

3. Tangle Jr. Marble Fidget: 28 QAR each

4. Tangle Phone Fidget: 35 QAR each

Twist. Tangle. Fidget. Anywhere! The new Tangle Phone Fidget is the ultimate 3-in-1 phone accessory! Use as a phone stand or in your hand for capturing the perfect selfies! Just Peel. Stick. And Fidget!

5. Tangle Charms: 28 QAR each

A surprise Mystery Charm adds a fun twist on creating custom wearable Tangle® jewelry that matches your unique style.Tangle Charms add a little glimmer and a ton of fun! Wear, share, and trade with friends!

The tangle charms look great wrapped around the wrist. Combine two Tangles for a necklace or separate them for loop earrings.

6. Tangle Hairy

Twisty, turn-y, squiggly, and squirmy, this Tangle is an amazing sensory fidget toy! Once you pick it up, you'll find it's hard to put it down! Available in new, bright colorways, the Tangle Hairy is a must-have for every Tangle collector!


Gather all your Tangles and have a race to see who can create the longest worm in 30 seconds.


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  • Chenne Daig