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Top Tips For Creating A Great Learning Environment

Every educator strives to create a great learning environment for their students, but what makes it great?

  • Chenne Daig

13 Benefits of Puzzles for Child Development

Benefits of Puzzles  for Child Development

Puzzles are important for child’s development and they are crucial during the preschool and kindergarten years. Puzzles develop many skills, making them the perfect educational play activity during the early years. 

  • Chenne Daig

10 Ways to Help Your Child Understand Emotions

Social-emotional learning is a key component in teaching young children. According to research, children in preschool and kindergarten are still developing the cognitive skills to understand empathy. In order for children to grasp the concept of “empathy”, they must first be able to recognize their own emotions.


  • Chenne Daig

Did You Know? Interesting Facts about Fidget Toys

The revolutionary fidget toys are a fascinating phenomenon that has recently swept the globe. For centuries, fidget toys served as a relaxation technique for individuals. Nowadays, the toys have taken on a life of their own and are sold to children, teenagers, and adults by the thousands on a daily basis.

  • Chenne Daig