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From the Blog

Learning with Fraction Tower Cubes

Fraction Tower Cubes represent different fractions for instructive comparison. You can expand the possibilities of teaching fractions and equivalency with these proportionally sized cubes.

  • Raana Smith

Internship 2019: Phoenix Private School

Sensory Souk hosts its first SEN internship program with a great group of students from Phoenix Private School!

  • Raana Smith

9 Eid Gift Ideas for Kids with Autism & Related Disorders

It’s that time of year again when autism parents and families in Qatar start to panic. What should I buy my kids for Eid this year and more importantly, where can I find them in Qatar?


  • Raana Smith

Cause & Effect activity with marble fidgets

Thanks for the great marble fidget spinners from your store! I was able to use them to help my son progress in his understanding of the relationship between cause and effect.
  • Raana Smith