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From the Blog

How to: Apply for the Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs card

QSRN CARD application steps:

Step 1: Collect the required  docs (see image below).

Step 2: Go to the QSRN Office (
Step 3: You will receive a QSRN Card (sample below).

  • Raana Smith

How To: Apply for the Qatar Autism Society membership card

This is the info on the card only for autistic individuals, a great initiative launched by the Qatar Autism Society:


Step 1: Collect all documents:
- 2 photos

  • Raana Smith

13 Toys & Tools for your Sensory Play Kit

One of our team members took a picture of what's in her son's Sensory Play Kit. What's a Sensory Play Kit you ask? Well, it's a bag filled with activities, reading material, a little treat and lots of fidgets for the 5 senses that they take with them when they go out.

  • Raana Smith

How Vestibular Processing Affect's Learning, Focus, and Behavior

Being a parent of a child with learning differences, we often find ourselves researching the causes on why our child reacts to certain situations in a particular way. Many times we find information but we don't quite understand what, for example, the vestibular system is and why movement is so important to getting kids to focus.

  • Raana Smith