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Tangle Fidgets: What are they and how can they help?

tangle fidgets

Tangles are a fidget toy collectors' dream! So many trendy colorways and textures to choose from! Click here to read more!

  • Chenne Daig

6 Products to make your Ramadan Activities more Inclusive

Activities and games can be a helpful way to teach children about the holy month of Ramadan that allows the child's mind to focus as it removes other distractions and provides an element of focus.

  • Chenne Daig

What are the Uses and Benefits of Wikki Stix?

Wikki Stix are the perfect, reusable fine motor tool.
Point – Press – Pinch – Roll – Coil – Pull – Bend – Twist – Shape –Stick – REPEAT!


  • Chenne Daig

Fun Activities for Sports Day

Ready, Set, Go!

We have a great variety of fun, competitive and exciting activity ideas and products for Sports Day.

Check out Sports Day Activities for Families in Doha.


Who Can Benefit From A Compression Sheet?

Sensory compression sheet offers deep touch pressure (like a hug), which helps regulate the nervous system. Deep touch pressure releases serotonin which then turns into melatonin, leading to deeper, more restful sleep.

10 Benefits of Weighted Vests for Children and Adults with Autism

A weighted vest provides deep touch pressure (DTP) or proprioceptive which has a calming, organizing effect on the child and occupational therapists often recommend the wearables as part of a comprehensive sensory diet to help children with autism who have sensory processing disorder or self-regulation difficulties.