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How to Enjoy The Festive Christmas Season with Autistic Children


It's that time of the year...Christmas, a time for fun family festivities!  Christmas brings about a lot of change to our normal routine.

Watch Autism Mom, Alison, and Learn Autism’s Occupational Therapist, Sarah Norris, for this fun conversation about navigating Holidays and how to help your child with Autism have the most fun.

Top tips to help keep everyone happy this holiday season:

1. Adapt some of their favorite crafts. Celebrate the season by using festive colors and smells, or adding some holiday sparkle!

2. Plan & prepare. Create a visual schedule of upcoming events, to avoid tantrums and meltdowns!

3. Keep it familiar. As much as possible, use the same cutlery and place settings and select the food your child knows and likes.

4. Be proactive. Talk to kids about what's going to happen on the big day, so that the only surprises are from the big man himself!

5. Stick to routine. We know it can be difficult with all the holiday excitement, but try to keep meal times and schedules the same.

6. Create a quiet place. As a way to escape the holiday excitement, make a quiet safe space for much needed downtime.

7.  Make a Christmas themed sensory bag. Stay in the holiday spirit with a bag of sensory friendly toys and Christmas themed activities.

8. Use devices. Don't be afraid to use devices if it helps keep the day calm and fun.

9. Get outside. Take a break from the turkey and head outside for a bit of fresh air! Some play in the snow or a brisk walk can help keep everyone calm and regulated.

10.  Relax and enjoy! Remember it's your holiday too, so find some time to relax and enjoy.




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