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1. Ark's Z-Vibe

Ark's Z-Vibe® is a vibratory oral motor tool that can help build oral tone and improve a variety of speech, feeding, and sensory skills. Use it to provide a varied sensory experience and/or to provide targeted tactile cues within the oral cavity. Its gentle vibration provides a new level of sensory stimulation to increase oral focus and draw more attention to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw. Vibration can also be very calming, soothing, and organizing.

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2. Ark's Brick Stick Chew Necklace

Ark's Brick Stick Chew Necklace provides a safe, wearable, discreet, and cool solution for those who need to chew. Use this "chewelry" as an oral fidget (or even hand fidget) to help calm, soothe, and self-regulate during times of stress, to better focus during homework and other activities, for sensory oral motor input, and/or as a safe alternative to chewing/biting on fingers, knuckles, shirts, pencils, etc.

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3. Ark's Bear Bottle Kit

Ark's Bear Bottle Kit is a fun and friendly way to make drinking easier for beginners and/or children with oral motor difficulties. It's also an excellent way to transition babies straight from bottles to straw drinking - skipping sippy cups altogether! Most sippy cups promote improper tongue and lip positioning that can cause speech problems later on. Straws are a better alternative, as they strengthen the mouth muscles and encourage tongue retraction, cheek tension, and lip closure.

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4. TalkTools Straw Kit

An excellent supplement to traditional therapy techniques, and the best activity available to promote tongue retraction, grading, and controlled tongue movements. The hierarchy promotes jaw-lip-tongue dissociation through twelve stages of development.

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5. TalkTools Horn Kit

This motivational therapy tool serves as a beneficial adjunct to traditional therapy techniques. The horn kit is designed to normalize oral musculature, correct articulation errors, improve abdominal grading and speech clarity, and also serves as a prerequisite for working on oral-nasal contrasts.

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6. TalkTools Bite Tube Set

This set of "Bite Tubes" includes one of the red and yellow Tubes and purple and green Grabbers. These tools allow you to approach clients from a hierarchical standpoint.

The four Bite Tubes in this kit are used in a hierarchy to assess jaw skill levels and work toward improving jaw stability, symmetry and grading. The skills acquired can then be transitioned into improved speech clarity and to teach children how to chew foods for improved feeding safety. The Bite Tubes can also be used to satisfy a client’s need for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) stimulation and as an alternative to teeth grinding, thumb sucking, pacifier usage, etc.

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7. Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pad


When it’s time to sit still and focus, Weighted Lap Pad helps put the wiggles to rest. The deep pressure soothes and serves as a gentle reminder to stay in place. Place on lap while seated, or across the back when lying down to soothe across the entire body. Provides proprioceptive feedback to help focus and self-regulate Supports children and adults with ADHD, sensory processing disorder or autism

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    8. Weighted Compression Vest

    This vest is like a reassuring hug, perfect for helping to calm down, focus or cope with sensory overload. The steady proprioceptive input and compression around the trunk are especially soothing for those with sensory challenges. Stretchy neoprene for a snug, comfy fit. Kids even ask to wear it.  

    • Provides proprioceptive feedback to help focus and self-regulate
    • Hug-like compression encourages calm and feeling of security
    • Supports kids and adults with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism

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    9. Spiky Fidget Wiggle Cushion


    A cushion designed especially for sensory seekers! Spiky on one side and bumpy on the other, so kids can choose which type of tactile input they prefer. Helps kids and teens who need a heightened sensory experience stay seated for longer periods of time. Provides a discreet outlet for movement during circle time, desk work or while eating. Sensory input engages core and helps improve focus. Lightweight and portable for easy travel from home to school or work.

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    10. Harkla Sensory Compression Swing


    This indoor therapy swing is a great addition to the bedroom or sensory room. The swing is designed to meet sensory needs:

    1. Compression from the swing gives a hug-like effect to your child.

    2. Swinging, vestibular input means the swing helps your child explore space around them and get their bearings.

    Support your child by giving them a compression swing where they can self-regulate and return to calm. 

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    11. Noise Reduction Headphones


    Minimize noise and maximize concentration with our headphones sized for kids’ ears to adults' ears. Lightweight yet powerful, the headphones block out extraneous noise but still allow kids to hear nearby conversations and participate in their surroundings. Perfect solution for noisy places like lunchrooms, sporting events, airports, or birthday parties which can be overwhelming for kids with auditory defensiveness or sensory integration disorder. Reduces noise up to 20 decibels.

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    12. Time Timer Original 60 Minute Visual Timer 12"+ Dry Erase Card


    The Time Timer Original 12” is an ideal 60-minute countdown timer for groups or large room settings - it can easily be seen from across any room! The visual timer has a clear lens that protects the patented red disk. With its magnetic back and foldable feet, the timer can be displayed a multitude of ways. It's perfect for a workspace or learning center at home or in the classroom or the office. Help keep your child on track with their education plans during at-home learning or keep it in the background of a Zoom Meeting or Google Classroom virtual learning environment to help everyone on track.

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    13. The Original Giant Stress Ball


    Wow! What a relief! Just squeeze and knead this giant stress ball to experience true tranquility. Simply squeeze, knead, and furiously pound on this soft oversized stress ball and you might just find some kind of momentary tranquility in your life.

    Dig into the soft, rubbery toy with both hands when you knead to work out your aggravation. Squeeze and pull the pliable material as much as you want—the ball can take a beating.

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