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Protect Me Safety Belt Covers



About ProtectMe®Belts

Our signature product, ProtectMe® Belts, have been designed to create awareness for medical conditions, additional needs and allergies for First Aid Responders, Emergency Services or even passerby’s who are first at the scene and offer to help.
They offer peace of mind and reassurance for anyone who has or indeed cares for, someone with any of these conditions. All our products offer heightened visual awareness and are the perfect alternative to any kind of medical wrist band. 
Each ProtectMe Belt can be wrapped around a car seat belt, back back strap, school bag, bicycle handle bars for all those cyclists who don’t carry ID!  (In fact, it can be fastened on to any outdoor sporting equipment) as it simply closes with velcro. Users name /emergency contact details / allergies are added to the inside of each belt cover.

This product is available in the GCC exclusively at Sensory Souk. For more information or to place bulk orders, please contact us at +974 4411-0147 or +974 5512-3374.

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  • Raana Smith