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Upcoming Events in Doha | 2021


Welcome to our Upcoming Events Calendar for 2021! We started it as a calendar for Autism Awareness Month activities and decided to continue posting events and activities for and about people with additional needs. 

e-Monday Meetups: March 30, Guest hosts: Kamila Janik & Adrienne Robek

In case you missed our e-Monday Meetup last week with guest hosts Kamila Janik and Adrienne Robek from Child Development Center, we're sharing a video of the whole event here.

Autism Awareness Month Activities | Doha, Qatar

Events and activities for Autism Awareness month in Doha, Qatar

4 Things to do in Qatar for Autism Awareness Day

1.  Show you care--wear blue.  Blue is the color of autism awareness.

2.  Learn--Take a few minutes (1:57 to be exact) to learn about autism and what it feels like.  We've shared this quick video from on our blog

Video: Autism Explained for Kids


This is a very good, short explanation on what autism is and how it feels.

Autism Awareness Month Events in Doha, Qatar

With the help of some great friends and resources, we've put together a list of events & activities for Autism Awareness Month starting today.

Take a look and see when and where you can drop by to support, learn, and connect with the cause.