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Upcoming Events in Doha | 2022


Welcome to our Upcoming Events Calendar for this year! We started it as a calendar for Autism Awareness Month activities and decided to continue posting events and activities for and about people with additional needs. 

e-Monday Meetups: March 30, Guest hosts: Kamila Janik & Adrienne Robek

In case you missed our e-Monday Meetup last week with guest hosts Kamila Janik and Adrienne Robek from Child Development Center, we're sharing a video of the whole event here.

Autism Awareness Month Activities | Doha, Qatar

Events and activities for Autism Awareness month in Doha, Qatar

4 Things to do in Qatar for Autism Awareness Day

1.  Show you care--wear blue.  Blue is the color of autism awareness.

2.  Learn--Take a few minutes (1:57 to be exact) to learn about autism and what it feels like.  We've shared this quick video from on our blog

Video: Autism Explained for Kids


This is a very good, short explanation on what autism is and how it feels.