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Her Highness visited the Sensory Rooms at the Education City Stadium 0

Her Highness visited the sensory rooms at the Education City Stadium(November 30, 2023). These are designed to assist people with disabilities, their companions, and anyone who needs to take some respite as they attend and enjoy the games.

Qatar Makes Giant Strides in Accessibility in 2022 0

The country made giant strides in accessibility during 2022 with several achievements, including making the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 one of the most accessible tournaments in history.

World Cup 2022: Inside a Qatar Stadium Sensory Room 0

BBC Sport takes a look inside a sensory room at a World Cup stadium in Qatar - it's the first time they have been available at the tournament and have been built for fans who could be overwhelmed by large crowds or loud noise.

Accessibility and Empowerment: Key Goals of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup 0

One of the key goals of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is to make sure everybody has an equal opportunity to enjoy the tournament.

Accessible Transportation for Wheelchair Users in Qatar: Is it a Right or Luxury? 0

With hundreds of disabled fans expected to flock to Qatar in less than two weeks time, many are questioning the country’s readiness to host the ‘most accessible World Cup yet,’ — and for good reason.

Handicap Accessibility at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 0

Unable to score on the field, disabled people can still enjoy the game from their seats. “The thrill of being in the stadium among the crowds is something out of this world,” smiling from ear to ear Fatima Al Shibli a wheelchair user describes watching a soccer match for the first time in her life.