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About Us



We just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about the journey that’s brought us to where we are today.

We are both Moms with ‘special kids’ who met over numerous encounters at our local therapy centre here in Doha, Qatar.  Our boys have very different therapy needs but on numerous occasions found ourselves chatting about our frustrations of not being able to source high quality therapy tools here in Doha.

Having both lived in the Middle East collectively for over twenty years, we understand the challenges of finding quality therapy and support that all of our children deserve. We have experienced this first hand and have had success with finding the right therapists and care to create a positive space for our children in our community and at home. We want to be able to share our journeys in order to help parents create their own positive space for their kids.

Sensory Souk was born out of desire to create a network/community for parents who are on this journey with us. Our aim is to provide products that will support your child’s therapy programme but also help them to learn and play.


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  • Raana Smith