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Her Highness visited the Sensory Rooms at the Education City Stadium 0

Her Highness visited the sensory rooms at the Education City Stadium(November 30, 2023). These are designed to assist people with disabilities, their companions, and anyone who needs to take some respite as they attend and enjoy the games.

World Cup 2022: Inside a Qatar Stadium Sensory Room 0

BBC Sport takes a look inside a sensory room at a World Cup stadium in Qatar - it's the first time they have been available at the tournament and have been built for fans who could be overwhelmed by large crowds or loud noise.

Accessible Transportation for Wheelchair Users in Qatar: Is it a Right or Luxury? 0

With hundreds of disabled fans expected to flock to Qatar in less than two weeks time, many are questioning the country’s readiness to host the ‘most accessible World Cup yet,’ — and for good reason.

Autism: Qatar World Cup 0

For the first time at the tournament, specially designed ‘sensory rooms’ have been created at three stadiums in Qatar where neurodiverse children with autism and sensory processing issues can watch the games in a calm environment. The creation of the sensory rooms were part of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC)’s initiative to ensure the tournament is “accessible to all fans, regardless of their disability”.

Stadiums in Qatar have Rooms for Autistic People 0

DOHA (AP) — Insulated from the deafening noise, lights and pyrotechnics that surround World Cup matches, there is a safe space for fans who might feel overwhelmed by the atmosphere of a stadium.