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Spio Classic TLSO

1,450.00 QAR

**Note: This is a custom order product based on your child's size. Measurements should be taken with the help of your child's therapist.  Please call us to inquire (+974 4411-0147). This item is not included in our sale.  **

The classic SPIO® TLSO without rigid supports.  Aids with shoulder/trunk and hip stability, postural control, balance, coordination, and increased body awareness.

It is ideal for those with Hypotonia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Muscular Atrophy, Athetosis, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Please refer to the following links:
Sizing Guide
How to Measure and Fit Video

If your patient falls outside the standard range of sizes, we can meet your needs with a custom-designed SPIO® Orthosis.  Contact us at +974 4411-0147 for more information.

For more information on SPIO® Orthosis, click here.


* Measure each child according to the Sizing Guidelines for a good fit, never select a size for your patient based on "eye-balling" the SPIO® Orthosis.
* When donning the TLSO, attach one shoulder strap and the same side panel to the neoprene back.
* With child sitting or lying on their back, slide the child’s arm through the fastened opening and attach the other shoulder strap.
* The child can be standing, sitting or lying down on their back, depending on the child’s comfort level.
* Place the child on their stomach on your lap or on the floor (sitting, standing or kneel-stand are also possible).
* To attach the side panel, pull the vest down over the hips and wrap the panel snugly around the child.
* Fasten the crotch strap so it is snug, not tight.
* The crotch strap is designed to prevent the vest from riding up.
* The vest should fit snugly and firmly. You may have to adjust it a few times after the initial donning to optimize the fit.
* If you slip your hand under the abdominal area, with proper tension, you should feel a snug compression.
* Allows for 6 cm of adjustment.

Giray E, Kenis-Coskun O, Gungor S et al. Does stabilizing input pressure orthosis vest, lycra- 

based compression orthosis, improve trunk posture and prevent hip lateralization in children with

cerebral palsy? Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2018;64:100-107.

  • (RCT) 24 children with mild-mod spastic CP randomly placed in 3 groups (exercise only, exercise+SPIO 2hrs/day, exercise+SPIO 6hrs/day) for 6months
  • SPIO TLSO used
  • Both SPIO groups showed significant improvement in kyphotic angles and Cobb angle
  • Greater significant change in Sitting Assessment Scale (SAS) for SPIO groups 

Giray E, Karadag-Saygi E, Ozsoy T et al. The effects of vest type dynamic elastomeric fabric orthosis on sitting balance and gross manual dexterity in children with cerebral palsy: a single-blinded

randomised controlled study. Disabil Rehabil 2020;42:410-418.

  • (RCT) 24 children with mild-mod spastic CP randomly placed in 3 groups (exercise only, exercise+SPIO 2hrs/day, exercise+SPIO 6hrs/day) data collected at initiation, 1month, 3 months, and 6 months.
  • Sitting balance improvements noted immediately upon donning orthosis
  • Improvement in Sitting Assessment Scale for all, but significantly greater in SPIO groups
  • Parent survey showed greater satisfaction after 1 month

Barss, Trevor et al. Effects of a compression garment on sensory feedback transmission in the human upper limb J Neurophysiol 120: 186 –195, 2018

  • 25 neurologically intact participants
  • Major finding is that a customized compression sleeve worn around the elbow joint alters reflex excitability and improves reaching accuracy.
  • This alteration in excitability occurs in cutaneous and muscle afferent sensory pathways and across multiple movement tasks.
  • Compression apparel may assist as a type of “filter function” of tonic and nonspecific mechanoreceptor information leading to increased precision and movement sensitivity around the joint where compression is applied.
  • Double Layer Lycra/Nylon Fabric
  • Microperforated Neoprene
  • 1" Hook and Loop
  • 100% Latex-Free
  • Available Colors: Black
Vendor : Spio

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