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Qatar Autism Center and Special Needs

Special Needs Therapy Centre
Address: Al Thumama, Zone 46, Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 446 43711 /  55656805

Saturday- Thursday: 7AM - 3PM
Open to Qatari and expat children

  • Psychological Assessment
  • Speech & Language Section
  • Early Intervention Section
  • Pre-Academic Section
  • Inclusion Program
  • Psychomotor
  • Swimming & Sports

Qatar Autism Centre and Special Needs Classrooms currently provide Intensive Behavioral Treatment (IBT) is provided within a language-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) educational environment where teaching is highly structured for acquisition of skills. The teaching environment becomes less structured as the student demonstrates the use of skills learned in natural settings and across routines throughout the day. Our general curriculum will teach each child critical language skills, functional activities, socialization, initiation/spontaneity and generalization of mastered concepts/skills. These skills are built into every student’s educational program and individualized to meet his or her learning style and unique needs. The overall goal is to prepare the student for reintegration into his/her neighborhood school.

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