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Beaker Creatures Pod-Maker 4-Pack

55.00 QAR

Crazy Creatures, Smart Science! Beaker Creatures Series 3 has landed! Discover more than 30 new collectible creatures with a new limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Biolumes, whilst learning early science skills through hands-on play!

Make your own Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pods out of common household ingredients with the Beaker Creatures® Series 3 Pod-Maker 4-Pack. Fill your Pod Maker with your Reactor Pod mixture, shake it, and presto - a brand-new Reactor Pod ready for bubbling reactions. Hide your creatures inside, make your own colourful designs, and more. It’s a fizzing, foaming science adventure.

    • 1 set
    • 1 Reactor Pod Mold Maker
    • 1 mystery Beaker Creature
    • 3 bonus Beaker Creatures
    • 4 mini-posters with science experiments.
    • Ages 3+ years.
    • Warning:  Choking Hazard. Small parts. Adult supervision required.
    Vendor : Sensory Souk