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Beaker Creatures® Reactor Pod Series 2

20.00 QAR

Which creature will you discover? The real-world science adventures continue with the 30 crazy collectible creatures found within the Beaker Creatures Series II Reactor Pods. After triggering the bubbling reaction from your mysterious Reactor Pod, you'll meet one of 30 collectible creatures from five families, including the slimy Swampoids, mechanical Bytebots, and canine Dogstars! You might even find one of the limited-edition Color-Change Frostonians, which transform from blue to purple and back again! Creatures also come with classification cards that help you identify your find, as well as mini-posters filled with science facts. Beaker Creatures Series II Reactor Pods work with all Beaker Creatures sets, including the Liquid Reactor Super Lab, Whirling Wave Reactor, and more! 



  • 1 box, which include 1 figure in Reactor Pod, 1 classification card, and 1 mini poster with amazing science facts.


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