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Compression Sensory Swing

430.00 QAR


Looking for the perfect place for your child with sensory needs to feel relaxed and have fun? 

This indoor therapy swing is a great addition to the bedroom or sensory room. The swing is designed to meet sensory needs:

  1. Compression from the swing gives a hug-like effect to your child.

  2. Swinging, vestibular input means the swing helps your child explore space around them and get their bearings.

Support your child by giving them a compression swing where they can self-regulate and return to calm. 

  If a child is struggling with vestibular processing, they seek out movement that interferes with daily activities, they are clumsy or uncoordinated, or they get motion sickness - then the compression sensory swing can be a great tool!

If a child is struggling with proprioceptive processing, they seek out heavy work (such as pushing, pulling, jumping), they use too much force with tasks such as writing or playing, or they struggle with understanding where their body is in space (may seem clumsy or get hurt often) - then the compression sensory swing can be a great addition to their play items!

If a child is struggling with self-regulation and attention - they get frustrated easily, they cannot sit and attend to a task for an age appropriate amount of time, or they are unable to solve problems that are age appropriate - then the compression sensory swing can be a great tool!


  • 1 swing
  • Includes Compression Sensory Swing, Ceiling Hook, 4 Bolts, 2 Locking Carabiners, Rescue 8 and Daisy Chain
  • Color: Blue
  • Swing Dimensions (Unassembled): 60 inches x 100 inches
  • Swing Dimensions (Assembled): 48 inches x 100 inches
  • Material: 40 Denier | 2-Way Stretch | 100% Nylon Tricot
  • The swing is designed to hold up to 200 lbs and is wide enough to accommodate the height of a full sized adult.
  • Ages 3 years+
  • Warning: Choking Hazard: Adult supervision required. 

Instructional Video

    Vendor : Sensory Souk