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Cause & Effect activity with marble fidgets


First off, a huge thank you to our local awesome autism mom Darcee Pergler for sharing yet another amazing activity with us!

Darcee put together this really fun and interactive way to help Mathew understand the concept of cause and effect.

"Thanks for the great marble fidget spinners from your store! I was able to use them to help my son progress in his understanding of the relationship between cause and effect. Matthew selected a marble fidget color and placed the same colored question mark on the “cause” side of the visual support. A picture was placed on the “effect” side of the visual support. Matthew verbalized the effect(what happened in the picture) and then moved the marble in the fidget from the “effect” side to the “cause” side of the visual support. Then he verbalized why the effect may have occurred. And built a Toy Story rainbow with the marble fidgets as a reinforcer. Thanks again for the great product!"



Here is added complexity to the activity. We are still working on this tough skill, but I think the fidgets really did help with trying to retrain the brain!


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  • Raana Smith