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Trust Center for Special Needs

Phone: +974 6668 3566 / 3006 9450

  • Early Intervention Department- including study, evaluation and individual sessions  (skills development - sensory integration - daily speaking and speaking as well as individual individual action plan)

  • Department of Disabilities- includes study, evaluation and individual sessions (skills development, sensory integration, daily speaking and speaking)

  • Department of Learning Difficulties- To learn the basic skills (Arabic language - English language - Mathematics) in addition to the individual action plan for each case

Twinkle (Boys –Girls )from 2 to  4 years old
Sparkle(Boys –Girls) over 13 years old
Sparkle (Kids) from 2 to 12 years old
Super Star (one to one)
Rainbow (English group – Arabic group- Math group )

More information coming soon.