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Spio Lower Body Orthosis, Ankle Length

900.00 QAR

**Note: This is a custom order product based on your child's size. Measurements should be taken with the help of your child's therapist.  We may have a few pieces in stock in our store so please call us to inquire (+974 4411-0147).  **

The Ankle Length SPIO® Lower Body Orthosis assists with gait and fully body stability when combined with the SPIO® TLSO or Upper Body Orthosis.  It is ideal for those with spastic dyplegia, hypotonia, Down Syndrome, Ataxia, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Please refer to the following links:
Sizing Guide
How to Measure and Fit Video

If your patient falls outside the standard range of sizes, we can meet your needs with a custom-designed SPIO® Orthosis.  Contact us at +974 4411-0147 for more information.

For more information on SPIO® Orthosis, click here.

Measure each child according to the Sizing Guidelines for a good fit, never select a size for your patient based on "eye-balling" the SPIO® Orthosis. To ease donning, bunch up the legs of the LBO and slide them on the patient.

Giray E, Kenis-Coskun O, Gungor S et al. Does stabilizing input pressure orthosis vest, lycra- 

based compression orthosis, improve trunk posture and prevent hip lateralization in children with

cerebral palsy? Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2018;64:100-107.

  • (RCT) 24 children with mild-mod spastic CP randomly placed in 3 groups (exercise only, exercise+SPIO 2hrs/day, exercise+SPIO 6hrs/day) for 6months
  • SPIO TLSO used
  • Both SPIO groups showed significant improvement in kyphotic angles and Cobb angle
  • Greater significant change in Sitting Assessment Scale (SAS) for SPIO groups 

Giray E, Karadag-Saygi E, Ozsoy T et al. The effects of vest type dynamic elastomeric fabric orthosis on sitting balance and gross manual dexterity in children with cerebral palsy: a single-blinded

randomised controlled study. Disabil Rehabil 2020;42:410-418.

  • (RCT) 24 children with mild-mod spastic CP randomly placed in 3 groups (exercise only, exercise+SPIO 2hrs/day, exercise+SPIO 6hrs/day) data collected at initiation, 1month, 3 months, and 6 months.
  • Sitting balance improvements noted immediately upon donning orthosis
  • Improvement in Sitting Assessment Scale for all, but significantly greater in SPIO groups
  • Parent survey showed greater satisfaction after 1 month

Barss, Trevor et al. Effects of a compression garment on sensory feedback transmission in the human upper limb J Neurophysiol 120: 186 –195, 2018

  • 25 neurologically intact participants
  • Major finding is that a customized compression sleeve worn around the elbow joint alters reflex excitability and improves reaching accuracy.
  • This alteration in excitability occurs in cutaneous and muscle afferent sensory pathways and across multiple movement tasks.
  • Compression apparel may assist as a type of “filter function” of tonic and nonspecific mechanoreceptor information leading to increased precision and movement sensitivity around the joint where compression is applied.
  • Single Layer Lycra/Nylon Fabric
  • Elastic
  • 100% Latex-Free
  • Available Colors: Black
Vendor : Spio

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