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Shafallah Center

+974 4495 6666  
Open to Qatari and expat children 3-16 years old. All services are free of charge.

Family and Counselling Department

  • Family support Section
  • Social Services Section
  • Psychological and Behavioral Services Section

Vocal Training Department

  • Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Section
  • Employment Unit
  • Operational Workshops Unit
Educational Services Department
  • Early Childhood Department.
  • Mild and Medium Mental Disability Department
  • Autism Department
  • Severe Mental Disability Department
  • Activities Department
      • Sports Activities
      •  Arts Activities
Medical Therapeutic Services Department
Medical Services Section
  • Medical examination of Al Shafallah affiliates and preparing their medical files
  • Overseeing personal hygiene
  • Following up chronic medical  as diabetes​
  • Providing regular vaccinations
  • Conducting regular screening of eyesight and teeth
  • Laboratory tests that help  uncovering bodily illnesses
  • Following up and treating urgent cases ( cramps and asthma)
  • Special examinations of certain cases ( Down Syndrome)
  • Referring some medical cases to specialized clinics
Rehabilitation Services Section

The following units are attached to this section:

  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Occupational therapy unit
  • Speech and language therapy unit

The Rehabilitation team is supported by the following committees:

A) Dietitians /specialist committee concerned with determining the ability of a child to eat by himself, then setting a comprehensive treatment plan for achieving identified goals, also work with Feeding 

B) Seating committee who assesses wheelchairs and other specialized assisting technologies in order to provide the best choices for each individual case.

C) ​Assistive technology committee who integrates technological means for developing skills and enhancing communication capacities towards achieving full societal integration. 

Specialized Facilities

  • Shafallah Library
  • Therapeutic Services Halls
  • Shafallah 3D Theatre
Shafallah provides the following services:
  • Employing the capabilities and capacities of affiliated disabled in reaching maximum possible degree of self-sufficiency that enhances their independence in all spheres of daily life.
  • Providing appropriate services and programs for promoting and developing the performance of affiliates.
  • Upgrading the performance of our staff.
  • Developing our curricula and programs.
  • Integrating our boys and girls in Qatari society.

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