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Masterz Adult Swim Goggles-Black

160.00 QAR

Frogglez soft, comfortable leak-resistant swimming goggles are perfect for pool days or a trip to the beach.

  • Patented soft and comfortable neoprene strap does not pull hair.
  • Easy Velcro size adjustments without taking off goggles
  • Removable comfort strap can be attached to your goggles of choice
  • Frogglez® float so they're easy to find
  • Easy on, easy off design
  • So easy to use that kids can put them on by themselves.
  • No more tangled or pulled hair! Frogglez patented soft strap glides overhead.
  • Attach almost any goggle to the comfortable Frogglez strap.


  • 1 goggles with strap
  • Black and mirrored tinted lens
  • Adjustable Universal Strap attaches to most goggles on the market
  • Silicone Goggles for soft fit
  • Extension Rings allow for easier attachment and greater size variance
  • SAFE: Frogglez® are independently tested to be Lead-free, Phthalates-free and Formaldehyde-free
  • Quality Velcro® attachment for size adjustments