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SENsational Guide to Qatar

Welcome to our SENsational Guide to Qatar!

Start browsing and reviewing now!  Click below to start discovering the SENsational Community in Qatar!


*Sensory Souk does not endorse any of the businesses listed nor do we have any knowledge about them other than what's in this guide. If you need any further information, kindly contact the organization directly.

Our team at Sensory Souk has been working overtime to put together our new and improved SENsational Guide to Qatar listing Therapy centers, schools,
activities, doctors, and more resources for people with additional needs in QATAR.

We wanted to

  1. showcase businesses that are committed to including, teaching, encouraging and assisting kids with autism and related disorders, and
  2. help parents find schools, services, doctors, etc that have experience working with these amazing kids and WANT to work with them.

What's new this time around?

-->We've included a review and rating system. You can share information about your experience and help other users make an informed decision about the best place for their child.

-->We've added more important information to the guide for each business including contact information, services offered, fee information and a pin to their location.

-->You can suggest other service providers that aren't in the guide. Click here to suggest a business and we will add it: http://bit.ly/2J66dH4

With this said, this guide is only as strong as the people who use it. We need your input and we want to hear from you!


We at Sensory Souk know the ins and outs of raising children with special needs and want to make your journey a little easier here in Doha with this guide. If you've come across a business, restaurant, teacher, etc who is just wonderful with your special kid, spread the word and help other parents by submitting a listing to our SENsational Guide here: Click here to suggest a new business to our SENsational Guide to Qatar.

Why SENsational? Well, not only are these kids amazing, but the letters SEN have a few meanings that resonate with us:

  1. SEN is the abbreviation for special educational needs and is often used in schools
  2. SEN is the beginning of SENsory, many of the children with autism and related disorders also have sensory processing issues and delays.
  3. SEN is also the beginning of SENsational, a term we love here at Sensory Souk to describe amazing kids with autism and related disorders who work hard every day AND their parents who support, love, and accept them.