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SENsational Guide | Online Resources

Child Development Centre

Child Development Center (CDC) is launching online services starting Sunday, March 29th 2020.

  • Online Parent Consultation- 30 minutes
  • Online BCBA Supervision- 30 minutes
  • Online Initial COnsultation- 60 minutes
  • Online Workshops

Please call +974 6692-0199 or email rachel@cdcenterqatar.com / rizza@cdcenterqatar.com

Family Hope Center 

E-Learning... Caring about your safety and your child’s safety is our utmost priority! For that, your kid can now benefit from our development classes and activities online!

Enroll your special ones now: + 974 4435 0951 | + 974 3123 2123


Mind Institute

Mind Insitute is pleased to announce their **TELETHERAPY SESSIONS**
The actual therapy is the same as the therapist would deliver face-to-face, only teletherapy is done online.
Licensed therapists use traditional therapy techniques and activities and enhance those techniques through innovative software and tools and have the technology literally at their fingertips to plan and deliver high-quality services.

For more information, please contact: +974 3337 7648 / +974 4418 1968 


Qatar Speech Therapy 

Mahmoud Ramadan-Speech Language Pathologist and Behavioural Specialist would like to fully dedicate his time to help families who have children with speech/ language difficulties and behavioural challenges.
During this COVID 19 pandemic, he is offering free online support and consulting through Teletherapy.

For more information, please call +974 5093 2796

Step by Step 

Virtual Support at Home

Step by Step Center takes pride in providing virtual and continued support to all students during this natural calamity that has hit the world and affecting one and all in so many ways.

Step by Step is taking an initiative to ensure that children receive ongoing and continued academic and therapeutic support during this Corona Virus pandemic, with support from the parents using video app.

For more information please contact us on 55927376 or email us on info@stepbystepqatar.com

Al Ahmadani Medical Center

 Clinical Psychology and Mental Health 1.1 Online Video Counselling Arabic and English

Mental Health access transcends global circumstances and must remain available to anyone at any time, for any reason at all. Especially if you are practicing Social Distancing and just need a chat!

1.1 Online Video Counselling Sessions (45 minutes)

Please call +974 44354455/4400 or 33365943 to schedule your online session.

Complete the documents prior to your appointment and send them to psychology@alahmadani.com




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