Order Collection Point: Child Development Center-Dafna; Collection Hours(during Ramadan): Saturday-Thursday 9:30am to 3:00pm


Mall of Qatar
+974 4028 5888
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KidzMondo is an interactive indoor miniature city made for kids aged 4 -14. Designed to inspire curiosity and creativity, KidzMondo provides a unique learning experience that is both fun and enriching.

This mini city has its own economy and currency (Kidlar), public services and over 80 different professional role play activities contained within. It is a safe, interactive and educational environment, where kids simulate a profession, wear the respective uniforms and perform the role. Several roles will be available for role play including those of a doctor, pilot, barber, etc.

Kidzmondo Doha has received training and certification in autism, making them the first Certified Autism Center™ in the Middle East. This designation demonstrates Kidzmondo’s commitment to providing the best service possible to all guests.

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