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13 Toys & Tools for your Sensory Play Kit

One of our team members took a picture of what's in her son's Sensory Play Kit. What's a Sensory Play Kit you ask? Well, it's a bag filled with activities, reading material, a little treat and lots of fidgets for the 5 senses that they take with them when they go out. It's the one thing you NEVER leave home without! The plan b for when all else fails, you know there's something in that bag that will help save the day. (We should have called it a magic bag!) In her house, it's always packed and waiting by the front door so her son can just grab it on the way out.
Why do we think these items are so great for entertaining and keeping kids regulated? Read more..
1. Lego magazine: great for reading, activities, and just browsing. (sight)
2. Mom's business card: in case you and your child get separated and they can't remember your number, the card will help him find you. (peace of mind)
3. Stretchy lizard: fun fidget when you get the wiggles (touch)
4 & 5 Markers, scented pens, pencil & notebook (smell, touch): great for doodling and the story cube game. The "good eraser" was especially important in this sensory kit because "you can erase any mistakes and you get the chance for a do-over".
6. Snowman Squishie (touch): the soft texture has a calming effect
7. Story Cubes (vision): great portable game that helps to keep kids busy
8. Chewy Necklace (touch): great for kids who need to chew and need some help with self-regulation
9. Cool robot pencil case: perfect for keeping your kit nice and organized.
10 & 11. Mint lip balm and mint tic tacs (taste, smell): The mint lip balm is great for kids who love to smell things. Plus, who doesn't love a teeny tiny sweet treat every now and then?
12 & 13. Skull fidget & Stretchy string fidget: great for the wiggles, when your body needs to move or when you need a hand at calming down.
What's in your Sensory Play Kit? Share a comment and photo below and tell us what's inside!
And as a bonus, can you tell which of our team members took this picture? (Hint: look in the picture really close!)

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  • Raana Smith