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Santa is busy getting his sleigh ready! Let him know what you would really like this year. ย 

Things are already getting hectic at the North Pole.ย  Its Santa's busy time, if you want to get your presents on the sleigh, then you'll need to write your letter soon.ย 

With the elves busy making toys and the reindeer limbering up for the big night, now is the time to have a really good think about what you would like and get your letter written and sent.

This year Santa has asked Sensory Souk to help collect letters from the children of Qatar. Drop in and post your letter to Santa at our North Pole mail boxes at Landmark Mall and Royal Plaza. We'll make sure he gets it on time.


How to Write a Letter to Santa

Need some help writing a letter to Santa this year? No problemโ€”your resident elves atย Parade have you covered. Plus, itโ€™s a great way to teach kids the elements of writing a friendly letter. Here are our top tips for writing to good Old Saint Nick:

  1. Choose your paper! This could be holiday-themed stationery, red or green paper, or one of our downloadable templates below. (Scroll down to see our printable options!) We even recommend decorating the paper if itโ€™s a little plain. Throw in some glitter, add a few Christmas-themed stickers, and whatever else you can think of.
  2. Date it (if you want!) but most importantly, greet Santa! For our downloadables below, we did this part for you.
  3. Next, tell Santa who you are: Your name, how old you are, and anything else you'd like to tell him about yourself.
  4. Time to get to business! Tell Santa why youโ€™re writing. What kind of gifts would you like for Christmas? Do you want to tell him or ask him anything else, that one thing you always wondered about the North Pole? Do it now!
  5. Sign your letter.
  6. Lastly, be sure to drop by Sensory Souk in Royal Plaza (map) and pop the letter into our "Letter to Santa" mailbox.ย 
For younger kids who need more of a template, download and print out our Letter to Santa Template. Then, have your child (or help your child) fill in the blanks and checkmark the boxes. Be sure to drop by Sensory Souk in Royal Plaza (map) and pop the letter into our "Letter to Santa" mailbox.ย 
What a fun way to create memories with your family!

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