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Fun Sensory After-School Activities


In accordance with the country's preparations to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced new school timings from November 1-17, 2022 will be from 7am to 12 noon to ease congestions.

Kids probably still have a lot of energy left to burn in the hours between school and dinnertime, some kids are raring to go and looking for high-energy activities, while others need something more calming that will help them unwind after a busy day.

Need some new ideas for after school fun? We can help...and your kids will think you're really cool along the way!

1. Wikki Stix... on the go and great to have on hand for screen-free down times!

2. Stick around and make fun scenes! Kids can exercise their imagination for hours with this magnetic playset that encourages storytelling, promotes problem-solving skills, and builds skills in sequencing. 
3. There's no better duo than avocado and toast.🥑🍞 This after-school snack will help entertain the kids after school without ruining their appetite for dinner! 😉 

4. Play Ask and Answer fun games. 

5. Take the kids on a little trip back in time with our Jungle Jacks! They're a twist on the traditional "jacks" game. Using the 8 brightly colored frogs as jacks, bounce the included ball to challenge yourself or put others to the test.

6. Take the kids on a little trip back in time with our Retro Toys!! 🕰️

7. Get the kids up and moving with these super fun, bouncy pogo sticks!!

8. Let’s not forget about our offline gaming friends like bingo games, magic cubes, and parachute toys!



9. Let kiddos explore their analytical side with these unique and brain-building activities like color experiment, how to make cloud dough, create decorative dough treats and making slime.

10. Do child-friendly exercise, use therapy ball to assist children with poor posture or back problems to help them build core strength during a workout.

11. Visit the zoo or go for a walk in the park with panda buddy.

12. Make a fun visual board or calendar with colored countdowns to holidays and other exciting events.


Stop by Sensory Souk in Royal Plaza Mall for some fun!

  • Browse our cool fidgets and toys.
  • Take unlimited pictures in our photo booth. Bring your friends!
  • You're a star 🤩 Film a quick unboxing and we will feature you on our social media


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