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Summer Camp: Education City Ability Friendly Summer Camp

Education City is delighted to announce that their Summer Camp will run in 2 groups this summer for 10 days each. Each group can accommodate 15 participants.

Some of the activities will include cooking, gardening, horse riding, theme park trips, craft classes, music lessons, dancing, yoga, boxing, cinema, bowling, and arcade games as well as your favorite Ability Friendly sports swimming, football, playball and cricket!

Every summer camp participant must be accompanied by a guardian or parent for the entire duration of the camp. Most activities are taking place in Education City, Doha. You will need your own transportation to attend other activities like horse riding, cooking classes and theme park visits.

Please bring your own lunch meals and water bottles on all camp days. Snacks will be served during the cooking class and the Kidsmondo trip. If you have any food allergies, please bring your own snacks during these days as well.

Please contact them separately if you would like to bring an additional sibling to join the registered participant to the Kidsmondo trip for an additional fee of QAR. 50 2021- 2022 Qader Award winners who didn’t attend the Summer or Winter Camp last year may contact us via email to register for this year’s Summer Camp.

There are limited Qader Award camp spots available.

For more information, please contact