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Stepping Stones Balance Blocks

750.00 QAR

Inspire adventure in your small child with balance stepping stones that promote physical activity, balance, coordination, and active play.
If your child needs a great outlet to help build up their confidence while strengthening the body, there’s nothing more fun and original than rubber Special Supplies Stepping Stones that let them step, “climb”, jump, hop, and practice moving with purpose and determination.
A great way to get your child active, these rubber balance blocks feature a slip-resistant edge to keep them from sliding off and hurting toes and ankles and come in various sizes which allow them to progress in their “climbing” skill.
These stepping stones can be used in limitless variations and play styles, letting your child come up with imaginative game types like “The Floor is Lava”, adventure mount climbing, and so much more.
  • 12 pieces Indoor and Outdoor Stepping Stones(Five (5) Small, Four (4) Medium, Two (2) Large, One (1) Extra Large)
  •  Assorted colors
  • Vary in Size and Steepness
  • Rubber Bottom and Edge to Prevent Slipping
  • Recommended Ages: 6+
  • Support Up to 220 lbs. Each