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Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs

Contact: +974 44041261 / +974 44041271
Email: info@qsrn.org
Website: https://qsrn.org/ 

The Society is rendering its services, supports and activities through the headquarter and different centers operating under the Society. Below given are the important activities and services rendered by the Society:

  • Administrative and technical supervision on different centres operating under the Society.

  • The Society offers medical, remedial and helping equipment as per the need of each case and nature of the disability. 

  • Help in employing the handicapped in coordination with the ministries and concerned departments in the State. 

  • Diagnose the case mentally by using different brain testing devices. 

  • Adopt plans, training and professional programs for the people of special needs who are registered with the centers of the Society. 

  • Mental, social, educational and professional guidelines for the people of special needs and their families and offering the individual and collective services.

Interior Activities (Professional Activities)

It includes a number of programs and activities which have rehabilitative, cultural and social nature for the members. 

  • Carpentry

  • Binding

  • Agriculture

  • Pottery and Gypsum

  • Cultural, Social and Recreational Activities

It is offered to them in form of training courses that take three months. Through this they are given the chance to explore their talents and innovative abilities. In addition to that it is an opportunity to develop their skills, mental abilities, mobility as it helps them to be mingled with the society.

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