Qatar Foundation: Ability Friendly Sports Programme

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The Ability Friendly Program is an initiative that supports people of all abilities to engage in sporting and developmental activities. The program includes specialized camps, football classes, and swimming classes tailored to the participants’ individual needs. These sessions are delivered over the course of a term, 33 weeks of the year, giving community members the option to choose a time that is suited for their needs.

 Football Classes:

Specialized coaches offer numerous classes that are designed to accommodate the various abilities of children and adults. Participants must be at least 5 years of age to join these football classes. Participants are divided into small groups based on their age, ability, and needs.

Swimming Lessons:

We offer private 1:1 swimming lessons to anybody with a disabilty aged four years or above. The classes are led by five swimming coaches who are certified in dealing with people with disabilities of all different types.

Ability Groups:

  • Autism
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Visual Impairments
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Physical Impairments 


Summer Camps and year-round Community Engagement Camps have been adapted to help athletes with disabilities access them. These campus involve numerous of activities and promote inclusion with the goal to help all participants access sports regardless of ability.




    • Football: 35 riyals per a session one hour per a week
    • Swimming: 45 riyals per a session. Each session is 30 mins. QAR 552 for 12 sessions. QAR 1104 for 24 sessions.


      1. Football: Student Center, Education City, Ar-Rayyan
      2. Swimming:
        1. Doha: Recreation Center, Education City, Ar-Rayyan
        2. Qatar Academy Al-Khor Recreation


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