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Phoenix Private School

School with SEN intake
Al Maamoura (Off Salwa Road)
+974 4442 0844
Open to Qatari and expat children

Phoenix is a unique school in the centre of Doha which constantly embeds the most current fundamentals of the British Curriculum, standards and expectations.

EYFS Curriculum- Introduce different topics which the children explore through a variety of mediums, including books, art, clay, drama, music, ICT, craft and model making.  Numeracy introduces different activities, such as counting gamers, weighing activities and measuring, and is also taught daily. 

Key Stage 1 is a particularly special experience for all children, parents and teachers, since it is the transition stage between the carefree years of a child’s life and the information based life ahead.

Key Stage 2 cover the core subjects of Maths, Literacy and Science with particular emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, which are taught daily.

Key Stage 3 at The Phoenix Private School is the various projects and challenges set each year including Youth Enterprise, Science Fair Challenges, Debating Challenges, Careers Day and many more.

Offer an extensive range of after-school clubs which students can join.