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Museum of Illusions Sensory Friendly Hour

Phone: 4020 6273


Museum of Illusions Doha is committed to providing an accesibble and interactive experience experience for all. During Sensory Friendly Hour, MOI extends a special invitation to visitors with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or other special needs to explore Museum of Illisions with their families.

A typical visit to Museum of Illusions can be challenging for those who feel overwhelmed by large crowds and excessive stimuli. In acknowledgement of this, the Museum will be modified to reduce extra stimuli and ticket sales will be limited to reduce crowding.

During this hour, Museum of Illusions will offer:

  • A smaller crowd capacity.


    Lower audio volume on exhibits.
  • Dim lights in the premises.
  • Quite room with calm-down kits.
  • Welcoming and well-trained staff members.

Guests are welcome to stay past the hour, however, the Museum will open at 10 am to the general public, so some accommodations will not be available.

Sensory Friendly Hour: Every 1st Saturday of the Month, from 9-10 am.

A sensory Friendly Pre-Visit Guide is available upon request.

Please contact the business directly for more fee information.

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