Hibbo Club

+974 3307 0183

Early Intervention Sports Activities for children with intellectual disablilites
Various locations around Doha.

Early Intervention Sports Activities for children aged 2-8. With a primary goal of having FUN, we provide sports and exercise to children age 2-8 who have learning differences, intellectual disabilities, difficulties with social skills and similar issues. The Hibbo Club activities strengthen their physical abilities and gross motor skills while simultaneously helping them to gain confidence and improve their social skills.

Increased awareness and the celebration of all differences is further fostered through the Hibbo Club’s Together Program, where mainstream children and those with special needs participate in sports side-by-side, forging friendships and encouraging acceptance. ALL children are welcome in the Together Program.

More information coming soon.

Currently offer classes in two locations: Ain Khaled and The Swiss School. Contact by calling 33070183 or through our Facebook page to learn more!