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Freestyle Aquatics

Sporting activities
Aspire Dome
Aspire, Al Waab
Contact: Kathleen Bates, Founder
+974 6650 7723

Timing: Sunday - Thursday: 6PM- 8PM

Freestyle Aquatics provides swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving lessons to people with disabilities or special needs. They are the program that shows people WHAT THEY CAN DO. Learning how to swim is a critical life skill for people and our coaches have a passion for working with people that might not have been included in other mainstream swimming programs. We are a small but highly dedicated and passionate group of coaches. We are working with all types of disabilities and if you know somebody that can benefit from our program, please reach out. We would love to get them in the water!

The program is available ONLY for persons ages 4+ who have a physical disability or special need. We are unique and the first of its kind in Qatar. We have been operating for 6+ years and have provided more than 2,500 lessons. Most all disabilities can be accommodated in the water. Please contact us if we can help you or somebody you know learn to swim, snorkel or scuba dive!

More information coming soon.