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Fraction Tower Cube Set

180.00 QAR
Explore mathematical concepts with these snap-together, color-coded cubes.

Help young students learn math concepts such as decimals, percentages, and fractions with these durable, interlocking cubes. Children will learn by building simple, graphic mathematical models that clearly demonstrate fraction relationships. Cubes can be used alone or with Fraction Tower Activity sets.

  • Teach decimal, percentage, and fraction concepts in a hands-on, tangible way,
  • Cubes can be used alone or with Fraction Tower Activity Sets

  • Build Math Skills: The durable, color-coded cubes lock together in a snap! All cubes are interchangeable, so, for example, you can make a whole with two ¼ cubes and one ½ cube.

  • Marked on 3 Sides: The cubes feature fractions, decimals and percents clearly marked on each side. Children can turn a cube to see different ways of expressing the same fraction.

  • Explore Equivalencies: Visual learners can see for themselves when fractions are equivalent, with these colorful, clearly-marked cubes.

  • Dive into Decimals: Children can begin learning early math using decimals, adding up the cubes one snap at a time!

  • Details
    • Set includes 51 cubes and a Teacher's Guide
    • Ages 6+
    • WARNING: Choking Hazard. Adult supervision required.