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CurioCITY Center of Play

Address: 18 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl, Doha
Phone: 7723 3233

Weekdays 9am-8pm
Weekends 9am-10pm

CurioCITY is an amazing center of play dedicated exclusively to children with special needs, they have incredible playground, best for birthday party, science shows, workshops and other activities which children can explore a world of play.
Facilities includes:
  • Hall of game
  • Replicas of a boutique and market
  • Workshops
  • Relaxing rooms,
  • A stage science show and gravity table.
  • Rides for physical entertainment
  • Water table to understand the potential of water in energy production.
  • The Dark Room has a hyperbolic slit, tornado, water spire, colour rotating reflect lamp and photoelectric disk. 

Workshops: Pottery, Science, Fencing,  Fashion Design, Maker's Studio, Cookery.

More information coming coon.

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