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Chair Fidget Band

15.00 QAR

Quiet Heavy Work for School

Feet feeling antsy? Just slip the loops of our fidget around the legs of any standard school chair. Its noiseless design lets kids fidget quietly without distracting others.

HELPS WITH FOCUS & ATTENTION - Using chair bands for ADHD, ADD, Autism, SPD or other sensory needs can help improve the learning experience in classrooms or at home while sitting. Chair Bands are designed fidget bands to increase focus and attention while letting kids move while learning.

QUIET, NON-DISRUPTIVE, & DURABLE - Made for classes with fidgeting students to help with self-regulation and provide flexible alternative seating in classrooms. Students can push, pull, kick, and bounce on the band quietly with their feet while sitting at their desks.

EASY INSTALLATION - Chair Bands are easily installed by stretching the band around the front two legs of a chair. Easy installation helps create flexible seating for classroom environments that are sturdy, easy-to-install and cost effective. Bands can be moved to another chair quickly and can be used over and over again.

  • 1 chair band
  • fits most chairs
  • green
  • Use with adult supervision.

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Vendor : Sensory Souk