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Bounce Inc.

Al Markhiya Street, Al Duhail South, in Tawar Mall Doha, 2nd floor, Doha
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Disability and Inclusion
Jumping on a trampoline provides benefits for people with mental and physical disabilities. Engaging with a non-competitive, free-form exercise like trampolining increases muscle tone, posture, balance and general well being for people across many spectrums of disability.

Trampolining also has a low level of initial difficulty that encourages gradual improvement and goal setting – boosting mood and increasing engagement. Absolutely everybody can benefit from the weightless thrill of bouncing.

Flight Academy Trampoline and gymnastics coaching program is designed for all skill levels. Whether you’re beginner learning techniques and trying to land your first front sault, or an advanced jumper trying to master those doubles, twists and layouts, Flight Academy coaching is for you!

Dodgeball is trampoline warfare. It’s high-energy, awesome fun and the balls are soft.

Cliff Jump at BOUNCE is basically launching yourself off the balcony onto a giant air bag below. It’s an awesome adrenaline rush that gets the heart racing and doesn’t require much skill to enjoy.

The Wall steps things up to the next level. It’s our most awesome feature – kind of like a half-pipe made out of trampolines. You probably need to see it live or check out the video to get what we’re talking about, but like all the best ideas it’s a super simple concept – use the high-rebound capabilities of Performance Trampolines and be a wall runner.
The Wall combines high-performance trampolines with vertical walls of various heights for freestyle tricks and Wall Running. This area is like a skate park made out of trampolines. You need to experience Wall Running to believe how much fun and addictive it is. Like most of the best ideas it’s a super simple concept – use the bounce and rebound properties of Performance Trampolines to run up walls.