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Rockets 'n Robots Ramadan Countdown-to-Eid Kit

95.00 QAR


We all love countdowns. Over Ramadan each and every day is a great teachable moment for our kids on the value and beauty of sacrifice during the holy month. Our Rockets 'n Robots Countdown Kit is an easy and fun way to celebrate each day of Ramadan with our easy-to-use kit and our numbered pockets. Every day your child will receive a different sticker. On the last day of Ramadan the sticker puzzle will be finished revealing a final rocketship scene.

In addition, we encourage parents to fill individually marked pockets with things like a good deed for the day, a lesson or moral, a story of the prophet, or a special treat.

Order Details:

  • 1 Ramadan Kareem Poster
  • 30 number stickers
  • 30 kraft bags
  • 30 mini clothes pins
  • 30 Rockets 'n Robots Eid stickers
  • 8 feet of twine or ribbon

How it Works

1. Assemble:  Place # stickers on bags and numbered stickers in bags, along with any other goodies you like (sweet treats or fun activities like in our“30 Days of Giving” free printable).  Example, the Rockets 'n Robots sticker with the 4 on it should go in day 4's bag, the Rockets 'n Robots sticker with the 10 on it will go in day 10's bag, etc.

2. Hang:  twine, poster & bags.

Twine: You can do 1 long piece and include all 30 bags or you may stagger it in tiers, like in the photo above.  It may be heavy (depending on what you place inside) so tape may work, or you may need to wind the twine around a nail or other hardware in your walls.

Poster: Place tape on the back and put it where you have easy access to it.

Bags: Attach bags to the twine with the included mini clothes pins.  We've designed this kit so that bags overlap.

3. Open: 1 bag per day throughout the month.  Place each day’s sticker on the corresponding square on the poster. Don’t forget the sweet treat or fun activity!

4. Watch: the fun unfold and the intrigue build as the poster comes to life.  On the day before Eid, put the final sticker on and voila...a perfect way to welcome Eid!