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Weighted Blanket-Single

720.00 QAR

For Calm, Relaxation and a Great Night’s Sleep

Have trouble settling down to sleep? Weighted blankets stimulate touch receptors, helping your body to relax. The extra pressure and weight create a calm secure feeling — just like a soothing hug. Wear like a cape or fold in your lap to promote relaxation and sensory organization during the day. Use during rest time, car trips, homework or any time calm is needed. Breathable fabric with evenly distributed weight prevents bunching. Use with adult supervision.

  • Pressure and weight promotes calm during the day and better sleep at night
  • Supports kids and adults with sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD and other special needs
  • Can be beneficial for those with RLS (restless leg syndrome), Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s Disease

Ideas for Use

  • Fold blanket and use as a weighted lap pad.
  • Drape around shoulders while completing homework or reading a book.
  • Use during naps or bedtime to help relax and calm.
  • For extra tactile stimulation, add soft or faux fur slipcover (sold separately, see accessories)
Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist, and provide adult supervision. Never place in crib with infant; do not use with small children. Never cover face nor restrict child's movement.

This product is non-returnable & non-refundable.

      • 1 blanket
      • 59"L x 29"W
      • Weighs 5 lbs.
      • 100% polyester fabric
      • Polyurethane filling and weighted with steel pellets
      • Hand wash cold. Air dry.
      • Soft blue with green trim
      • Ages 4+
      • WARNING: Choking Hazard. Adult supervision required.
      • This product is non-returnable & non-refundable.


      Vendor : Sensory Souk

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