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Dyslexia Reading Rulers with color overlay

15.00 QAR
  • MAKE READING EASIER - The gentle tinted colour and narrow narrow strip just above the reading line help to reduce visual stress, allowing you to read easier and more comfortably than ever before.
  • DYSLEXIA, ADHD & IRLENS SYNDROME FRIENDLY - The coloured tint in the rulers help to reduce visual stress. The reading line helps to provide focus and clarity on each line. Reading rulers are a common first step in aiding Dyslexic children and adults enjoy their reading.
  • FOR ALL AGES - Toddler to adult. School, college, home or office use.
  • Gentle color tints are designed to alleviate eye strain, making reading faster and more comfortable.

    A helpful reading line helps increase focus on individual words and sentences and helps improves reading speed.
  • Details
  • 1 overlay
  • colors vary
  • size: 8.2 x 3.5
    Vendor : Sensory Souk