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Visual Communication Keyring

85.00 QAR

This is a useful, pocket sized keyring in plastic which contains some essential symbols that individuals can use to express themselves, specifically designed for use out and about.

It includes 16 symbols, including ‘I have something to say’, hot, cold, more, finish, ‘I like it’ ‘I don’t like it’ car, toilet, home, car, uncomfortable, tired, bored, hungry and thirsty. There is an additional blank plastic card at the back for personalising your keyring or for storing reward tokens or similar (not included).

Symbols are 7cm square (with rounded corners) – large enough to easily see whilst on the move but small enough to still be convenient to use and carry about. The symbols are held together on a sturdy book ring, meaning they are easy to rearrange (and remove some if necessary), so it is easy to ensure the symbols you need are always on hand.

This product, like all our products, was inspired by some of the difficulties we have gone through in raising our own autistic son over the years, and includes a lot of strategies that have helped him to cope with some of the challenges life can bring.

  • 1 keyring (16 communication symbols + 1 blank card)
  • each symbol is 7 cm x 7 cm
  • Ages 3+.
  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Adult supervision required.
Vendor : Sensory Souk