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21 Silly Putty & Theraputty Activities


With two children on the Autism spectrum if there is one thing that has been tried and tested thoroughly in our family it would be therapy tools. While there are many that we find useful there is one that stands out as a firm favourite and that is Theraputty. 

  • Raana Smith

Vibrating Cushions: A Sensory Diet Tool

Vibration is an incredibly strong form of sensory input that some children respond to in a very positive way. Vibration activates vestibular and proprioceptive (movement and pressure) responses that help improve some children’s attention.

  • Raana Smith

November Seminars

Join Sensory Souk and Nicole Alexander as they team up to bring you the first educator and parent seminars of this school year.

  • Raana Smith

The Oral Motor Benefits of Straws

Whenever a parent asks me what they can do to improve their child’s oral motor skills, one of my first questions is usually:  Are they drinking from straws yet?

The Importance of Rewards

Rewarding children for good behaviours, such as bedtime routines, toilet training, fussy eating and sharing toys can be an extremely successful way of reinforcing and increasing the frequency of such behaviours. Reward charts are a fantastic, visual mechanism of displaying when a child achieves them.  

  • Raana Smith

Learning with Fraction Tower Cubes

Fraction Tower Cubes represent different fractions for instructive comparison. You can expand the possibilities of teaching fractions and equivalency with these proportionally sized cubes.

  • Raana Smith