How To: Apply for the Qatar Autism Society membership card



This is info on a card only for autistic individuals, a great initiative launched by the Qatar Autism Society:


Step 1: Collect all documents:
- 2 photos
- Copy of birth certificate
- Copy of health card
- Medical report of the child stating diagnosis as "Autism"
- Copy of the ID card for child, mother, and father
- Blood group
- Payment: 30 qr cash only

Step 2:  Contact Rasha (+97433649966) beforehand to ensure what time and if someone will be available that day.

Step 3: Go to the NEW location for Qatar Autism Society.
Time: usually 5 pm-8 pm on Sundays to Thursdays 
Location: Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena (ABHA Arena),
Al Nadi Street

Step 4: Hand in your documents. There is a form in Arabic, which someone from QAS can help fill out for you if you do not speak the language. The entire process during application takes 10 min.

Step 5: Collect your card immediately. They said they are still growing their services and benefits so the card is at the very initial stages. They will pass on current benefits shortly, including discounts for activities, events, certain therapies at therapy centers, etc.

Services provided for registered members of Qatar Autism Society (QAS)

  1. Discounts for membership holders in several Special Needs Centers:
  • Inspire therapy center ( Madinat Khalifa)
  • Qatar Institute for Speech and Hearing (Bin Omran)
  • Alwaha Center (Oasis Special Need Center) (Khratiyat)
  • Ontario Special Needs Center (Abu Hamour )
  • Trust Special Needs Center (Duhail )
  • Altamakon Comprehensive School (Ain Khalid )
  • Child Development Center (CDC) (Aldafna -West bay)
  • Step by Step School ( Alsaad )
  1. Check in facilitation procedures at Hamad International Airport - plz call, two days prior to your flight at Tel number 40104769 / 33749061
  2. Clinical Education Individual Programs for ages (3 - 15) years old from Sunday - Thursday (8.00 am-12.00) and (4.00 pm -8.00 pm)
  1. Several sport programs (Swimming - Horse Riding)
  2. Workshops, courses and training program throughout the year.
  3. Social activities like (field trips for ASD members and their families) 

The society is always seeking to provide members and persons with ASD with the best deals and information that help them in recent future.

Information compiled and written by Sabika Shaban. Thank you, Sabika!

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